Health Kit - Air Purifier, Hand Sanitizer, Floor Sanitizer, Water Purifier, Cleanmax


NICHEM offers a unique Health Kit for School Children which will contribute in their health & well-being during school hours. The primary aim of HEALTH KIT is to improve behavior through useful practices connected to personal, water, food, domestic and public hygiene.  All the product is Eco-friendly & Non-Toxic.

Health Kit- Contains Five Unique Products.

Air Purifier – Making Air Germ-Free!


  1. Controls aerial, bacteria, virus & fungus from air
  2. Keeps air fresh & germ-free
  3. Removes unwanted odors from air
  4. Non-toxic, Eco-friendly, Human Safe

Hand Sanitizer – Making Hands Germ-Free!

Benefits –

  1. Removes bacteria, virus & fungus from hand surface
  2. Keeps hands clean & germ-free
  3. Removes unwanted odors on hand
  4. Non-toxic, Eco-friendly, Human Safe

Floor Sanitizer – Making Floor Germ-Free!


  1. Helps controlling bacteria, virus & fungus from the floor
  2. Keeps the floors germ free
  3. Non-toxic, Eco-friendly

Water Purifier Drops – Making Drinking Water Germ-Free!


  1. Makes drinking water bacteria-free
  2. Removes all pathogenic bacterial contamination from water
  3. Does not impart any color or taste to the water
  4. Removes foul odor from water
  5. Offers residual protection to the water
  6. Non-toxic, Eco-friendly, Human safe

Cleanmax – Making Ceramic Surfaces Spin n Span!


  1. Excellent cleaning of stubborn stains on ceramic surfaces, especially toilets, wash basins, tiles etc.
  2. Makes the surface germ-free
  3. Removes foul odor & slime forming bacteria
  4. Effective at small quantity
  5. Non-toxic, Eco-friendly, Human safe



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