Frizzy Fresh

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Keep your fridge Odor Free!

Introducing, Frizzy Fresh, another revolutionary technology from NICHEM to remove all foul odors from your Fridge!

Frizzy Fresh is non-toxic, does not leave any residues and is recyclable, and hence eco-fiendly.


Frizzy Fresh uses an advanced technology called ‘Trap Technology‘, which removes all odors and keeps the refrigerator fresh. It entraps the odor emitting molecules and ensures that the odors do not recur.

All you need to do is:

  • Open your Frizzy Fresh box.
  • Take out the contents. Take out the Red Capsicum shaped Frizzy Fresh from the plastic bag.
  • Place Frizzy Fresh in the Fridge along with everything else.
  • It should take 24 hours before you get Odor free fridge!
  • Replace every 6 months

It’s NICHEM’s promise to make environmentally friendly products only.

Frizzy Fresh is Researched and Developed by Indian Scientists at NICHEM.

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