Freshness Plus Bags


Premium Bags to keep your Fruits and Vegetables Fresh without losing nutritional value! You can even keep Fruits and Vegetables outside Refrigerator. Bags last for 3 years! Just wash them, dry them and reuse!
FRESHNESS PLUS Bags are Researched and Developed at NICHEM by Indian Scientists. FRESHNESS PLUS Bags are environmentally Safe.



How do you reduce the wastage from rotting fruits and vegetables?

Many working couples today buy fruits and vegetables in bulk. Sometimes there is no place in the fridge. If you keep them out, they might rot or get dry due to moisture loss. How do you still keep them healthy and fresh then?

Introducing a revolutionary concept – FRESHNESS PLUS Bags!!

NICHEM’s FRESHNESS PLUS Bags help to keep your Fruits and Vegetables fresh longer even without Refrigerator! The bags are reusable, so just wash them after use, dry them and they are ready to store fruits and vegetables again!

FRESHNESS PLUS Bags are reusable plastic bags. These are recyclable.

FRESHNESS PLUS Bags are Researched and Developed at NICHEM by Indian Scientists.

FRESHNESS PLUS Bags are also available on Amazon.

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