About Nichem Solutions

Established – October, 2014



To be Trusted by Customers Worldwide for Competence, Innovation and Quality.


We will leverage our knowledge to develop innovative products that meet latent needs of the customers worldwide while adhering to highest standards of professionalism, integrity, transparency and commitment to health, safety and environment.

Research & Development

To manufacture innovative specialty products by adhering to global standards, with a promise of delivering performance and value addition to our business partners (customers).

Core Values


Core Values toward Employees

Our employees are key to our sustained growth. We will strive to instill pride of association by providing a professional and caring environment based on fairness and transparency where every employee has opportunities to learn and grow.

Core Values toward Vendors

Our vendors are partners in our mission. We will build long term association through fair business practice and professional dealings while demanding adherence to our standards of quality, ethics and integrity.

Core Values toward Investors

We will build scalable, sustainable and defensible business through professional management and prudent financial decisions thereby providing returns above benchmark to shareholders.

Scope of Work


Develops, Manufactures, Markets and Exports Specialty Agro Inputs, Specialty Plasticulture Packaging, Domestic Water Purification Chemicals and Ecological Disinfectants

Company Forte


Product Development & Networking. As a company philosophy, we always wanted to be the technology providers of niche products to survive the killing competition seen today in me-too products. We also believe that we have social responsibility. Hence we desired to develop, manufacture & market economically viable products for consumers mainly for farmers. Our farmer is constantly exploited amidst political competitors, so we strive to contribute our share for strengthening him by being a part of various agro-initiatives in the country. We strongly believe that the farmer must be supported with modern techniques & technologies apart from only subsidies.

Global Distribution Network


Technology Corner – Apart from above products, Nichem basket also contains some unique products like Insect REPEL, Seed COAT, Fruit LUSTER, Jal KAVACH, Fish PROTECT, Arsenic Remover, Transparent Nano-Pigments.

Niche Product Development is NiChem’s forte. All the products developed by our innovative team are class apart. Today we are looked upon with more trust & potential. We have made it a point to use 25% share of company’s profit for theresearch of new products.

We are dedicated to provide tailor-made solutions for a healthy life. Well researched technologies, modified as per the need of the time, determination to stand any competition, dedication & self-confidence powered with strong networking & customer relationship management are our strengths. We wish to generate global awareness of our novel products through effective marketing channels and have our presence in all countries by 2020.

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